Apr 25, 2024

Renovation of Midtown Plaza at Ridgecrest and Park Creates Community Center and Event Connection

The busy corner of Ridgecrest and Park Lane has had some amazing renovations that are now visible and enjoyed by the Midtown community. Midtown Improvement District is leading an ongoing renovation and maintenance program for Midtown Plaza, which was created beginning in 2019 through an initial project with Better Block to help counter crime with renovation and establishing a gathering place with seating and staging and strategic landscaping.

Midtown Improvement District in Fall of 2023 launched and completed a refresh on Midtown Plaza, with financial investment to strengthen the space for community events and utilization.

This space will be a location for events and programming for the community, with Midtown Improvement District sponsored events in 2024. We look forward to keeping you updated on the schedule for this exciting space. To learn more about how to reserve Midtown Plaza for an event, visit www.midtowndallasinc.com


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