Aug 3, 2022

Midtown Improvement District’s Resilience Program Connects with Solutions for Struggling Community Members

The Midtown Improvement District’s Resilience program has already begun strategic counseling of individuals experiencing homelessness who are in the Midtown community. Expert counselors from The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center have been actively visiting with these struggling individuals across the District in detailed work that will take time. The Bridge counselors have already succeeded in getting two individuals to enroll in The Bridge’s programs to get back to self sufficiency and stability. We have much work to do ongoing in this concerning time for our community with rising and increasingly visible gatherings of individuals experiencing homelessness in Dallas and Dallas County. The Resilience program in partnership with The Bridge is an innovative solution that provides a hyper-local strategic approach to reaching struggling individuals where they are and to assist them with seeing hope and solutions for a better way to health and shelter.

We are also grateful to the City of Dallas Office of Homeless Solutions for their ongoing support in working with the struggling in our District and across Dallas.

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